Facilities & Equipment


Our extremely high standards of product development and discovery are supported by state-of-the-art technology, laboratory management systems and facilities.

Our well-equipped laboratories support standard solution phase chemistry on mg to multigram scale.  We maintain a wide range of conventional parallel synthesis reactions for the cost-effective production of analogue libraries. These range in volume from 48×3mL to 6×150mL, with capacity for both solution and solid-phase chemistry, enabling the synthesis of analogues in quantities between 1 mg and 10 g.

Epichem uses automated purification systems; including Flashmaster and Reveleris® which efficiently recover target molecules in high purity. These systems are equipped with both UV and ELS detection enabling even the most difficult compounds and analogue libraries to be purified rapidly and cost-effectively. 

Our preparative HPLC is equipped with a 30 x 100 mm C18 column, to separate highly complex mixtures and provide high-purity target compounds. Epichem’s chromatography capability is supported by a broad selection of chiral and achiral columns for rapid method development and analysis.  We have deep expertise in handling many types of compound classes to facilitate successful isolation and purification.

Epichem also has a powerful array of analytical instruments at its disposal to thoroughly characterise compounds, including HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, NMR, IR and Karl Fischer titrator. 

Auto-sampling capabilities ensure high throughput for the characterisation of analogue libraries. 

Additional analytical capability includes high-end microscopy, mass spectrometry and crystallography, accessed via our extensive network of research associates.

Microwave mediated reactions are supported by a Biotage Initiator microwave reactor. A Parr General Purpose Pressure Vessel, 10L and 20L reactions vessels and other high-end glassware allow us to conduct reactions at scale.