Leadership Team



Dr James Rixson – General Manager

James is a technical expert in organic chemistry and a tenacious problem solver. He joined the chemistry team at Epichem in 2014, and leads the team in delivering the highest quality custom products, technical solutions, reference standards, impurities and degradants.

James has expertise in a diverse range of organic synthesis including natural products, alkaloids, polycyclic aromatics, active pharmaceutical ingredients and their derivatives. He is highly skilled in method development and route planning, isolation, purification and compound characterisation, and can help you with small scale compound library preparation, large scale synthesis and other specialty chemistries such as deuteration and chiral synthesis. He has a proven track record as an expert problem solver and drives innovation through his out-of-the-box thinking style.

James has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Western Australia and joined Epichem after completing an internship at a multinational pharmaceutical company.