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Congratulations Jacob!

Congratulations Jacob!

Congratulations Jacob!

It just amazes us how talented our chemists are!

One of our chemists, Jacob, is an amazing astrophotographer and this year he entered several photos in the “deep space” category with Skywatcher Australia, a manufacturer of astronomy equipment, which he was an overall winner!!! Jacob won a Skywatcher Esprit 100ed refractor telescope and a Star Adventurer GTi mount, a total value of $6000. An image of the Sculptor galaxy also won a silver award, which got an honourable mention.

When asked why he enjoys it, he said:

"As far as why I do astrophotography? Primarily it’s a special interest that utilizes my innate technical and highly focused mind. Plus I genuinely get a lot of enjoyment and social interactions from the hobby. A real labor of love and always awe-inspiring when I image a deep space object to reveal its glorious color and details, which you really can’t get through visual astronomy."

How cool!!!!!! Congratulations Jacob, this is an amazing achievement 👏🏽🌠

If you love space, Jacob has an online store for his images, which you can purchase below 😊