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Epichem welcomes Perth Modern students!

Epichem welcomes Perth Modern students!

According to the University of Melbourne, chemistry underpins understanding and progress in almost every sphere of science, technology and industry and makes vital contributions to the economy.

Epichem was delighted to have Perth Modern School teacher Kate Holland along with her Year 11 students Isabeau, Faith, Timothy, Inesh, Rideon and Aditya visit our lab last week. These students are considering chemical science related options for university and wanted to see first hand what a degree and a career in chemistry might look like.

They had fun making aspirin with our chemists James Rixson and Jacob Heppell and used our High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) machine to test the purity of their products.

According to Kate, the students enjoyed their visit and their time with us further cemented their high level of interests in pursuing chemistry after high school.

Thank you Perth Modern School for the opportunity and James and Jacob for supervising them!