Pharmaceutical Reference Materials

Paracetamol Impurity F

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Product Code:  EPL-AA115

Chemical Name:  4-nitrophenol

API Category:  Paracetamol

EP/BP Name:  Paracetamol Impurity F

USP Name:  Acetaminophen Related Compound F

Other Names:  4-hydroxynitrobenzene; p-nitrophenol

CAS Number:  100-02-7

Molecular Formula:  C6H5NO3

Molecular Weight:  139.11

Product Category:  Pharmaceutical Reference Materials

Pack Sizes:  50mg - 200mg - 1g - 5g

Product Name:  Paracetamol Impurity F

Availability:  Typically in Stock

SMILES:  c1cc(ccc1[N+]([O-])=O)O

Origin:  Australia

Storage Temperature:  -20°C

Shipping Temperature:  25°C

Example Certificate of Analysis:  Download PDF

SDS:  Download PDF

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